Lamento (2013)

"LAMENTO" ~ based on a folk song from Fukushima ~ pour deux violins (2013)

Création, 07. 02. 2014 à Angel Studios in London par violin duo Retorica.

"LAMENTO – Tribute to the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami” was written for the benefit CD Symbiosis, produced by Future Trust and played by violin duo Retorica.

  Since time began Japan has been blessed by an astonishing nature, which also coexists with natural threats such as typhoons, earthquakes and active volcanoes. When I thought about this, I felt sympathic to the concept of Symbiosis and composed my piece based on the notion of the coexistence of nature and humankind.The impulse of nature is represented by the "pizzicato" of the violins. The rough flowing energy is enacted by striking the strings with the back of the bow (col legno).By contrast, to represent humankind, I quoted a folk song from Fukushima, named "Sohma Nagareyama". The lyrics are about longing for home and the fluctuation of time. I wanted to use this folk tune to be symbolic of the landscape of the heart. This motif will be played by harmonics of violins, which I visualize as a flood of sepia color.

While working on the piece I also thought of another element, one that human kind can never coexist in peace with. It was the existence of nuclear power.. Since 1950s, we Japanese have relied more and more on nuclear power as an energy source. We have focused on its advantages and benefits, avoiding to focus on its risks until the accident happened. Japan has a long history of earthquakes and seismic activity, resulting in tsunamis several times over past centuries. I believe we should have considered more deeply the risks of building and operating nuclear power plants in such terrain. In nuclear power, humankind produced and benefited from something we could not control. Now that this accident has happened, the price we have paid is too high and too painful. When I think of this reality, my heart swells with grief.

I dedicate "Lamento" to all the people who have been affected, and continue to suffer, from the East Great Earthquake, Tsunami and Fukushima nuclear tragedies.(Cologne, December 2. 2013, Malika KISHINO)