Instrumental Music with Electronic (Please click on the title to find more details)

M.Kishino-Worklist-2023.pdf (catalogue PDF download)
Irisation Aquatique (2002) for Bass clarinet, Piano, Violoncello and elektronic sounds
Eclosion (2005) for Harp and 9 channels-Live-Electronic
Lo mes d’abriéu s’es en anat (April has gone) (2005) for 12 Women voices
Abstentia (2005) for Dance and Electronic
Lebensfunke (2007, rév.10) for Bass-Drumand Electronic
Rayons Crépusculaires (2007-08)  for Bass-Drum, large Ensemble devided into 3 groups and 8 channels-Live–Electronic
Aqua vitae (2008) for two Piano, two (Water-)Percussions and 8 channelsl-Live-Electronic
Qualia (2009) for Bass-Koto and 10 channels-Live-Electronic
Lebensfunke II (2010) for Bass-Drum and 8 channels-Live-Electronic
Ra (2019-20) for Viola and Live-Electronic
Shades (2021-22) for Flute, Percussion, Dance and Video